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Divorce odds and the link to marriage age

There are many different things that influence your divorce odds. Divorce can be caused by so many different factors and everybody brings their own unique experience to a marriage. Common factors that are cited include things like economic status, whether or not their parents are divorced and even the highest level of education each person received.

But one thing that has been clearly linked to the likelihood of divorce is the age at which a couple gets married. This can help to shed some light on how these relationships function, when they tend to fall apart and what steps you need to take if this happens to you. Naturally, this won’t apply to every single couple, but it just impacts the overall odds of divorce based on a statistical analysis of couples that do get divorced and those that do not.

Getting married at 32 years old

What studies generally find is that you have incredibly high divorce odds if you get married young. A couple that gets married at 18, for instance, is more likely to get divorced than a couple that waits longer. The odds get slightly smaller every year, so they are just marginally smaller at 19 but much smaller by 28 or 29. Putting off marriage can make that marriage more stable.

But this trend doesn’t hold true forever. It’s not as if the divorce odds keep getting smaller endlessly. They appear to be the smallest for those who get married at 32 years old. But after this crucial point, the odds of divorce start going back up again. You can theoretically wait long enough that they’re just as high as if you married young.

One thing to consider with these statistics is that second divorces are also included. Since these individuals are likely to be older anyway, having already been through one relationship, that is going to influence the statistics. And it is known that second marriages have a higher divorce rate than first marriages.

Are you getting divorced?

Regardless of your age when you got married, if you and your partner do decide to get a divorce, take the time to look into all of the necessary legal steps. You must understand your rights and how to fight for what you deserve.